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Stretch Your Body and Your Mind

Yoga is an ancient discipline that people have gravitated to as a source of physical fitness, mental well-being and spiritual renewal since its origination in India thousands of years ago. There are many styles of yoga, but each derives its healing benefits from a focused attention to deep breathing, mental clarity, and body positioning.

The Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club offers one of the top yoga programs in the area featuring some of the finest instructors in the region. Our yoga program offers a variety of classes for both the beginning and more advanced student.

Yoga Disciplines

  • Yoga Flow/Vinyasa—A challenging form of yoga, Astanga utilizes breath control, isometrics and focused gazing with an uninterrupted flow of traditional postures.
  • Hatha Yoga—Postures (asana) are used to help students increase strength, flexibility and balance. This class focuses on breath (pranayama) control and body alignment. Class ends with savasana (relaxation pose).
  • Restorative Yoga—A relaxation method that focuses on relaxing the body and mind through a series of gentle movement and stretches that are coordinated with breath control.

Yoga—experience peace, joy and love toward your body and begin the journey of getting to know yourself in a whole new way—Samara VanDerLinden, Group Fitness Director.