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Cancer Well-Fit Program2

The Cancer Well-Fit Program is designed for anyone who is currently dealing with cancer, or has been treated in the last year, and wants to regain strength, balance, and energy.

Our goal is to help the cancer recovery process by restoring strength, balance, energy, and confidence. Our primary focus is to condition the Muscular and Cardiovascular Systems through gradual resistance and range-of-motion exercises. We utilize the state-of-the-art exercise facilities at ARFC to introduce progressive weight training, gradual cardiovascular conditioning, and core and balance training.

The Well-Fit program combines the latest in exercise science with a supportive and motivating environment to assist the recovery process.

Program Director

Desmond Cullen is the Well-Fit Director at the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club. Desmond is a fitness professional certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. He also holds a NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist certification and has over eleven years of experience in the field, and has helped countless clients achieve and maintain their optimal health.


If you would like to register or have questions, please call Desmond Cullen at the Club (530) 885-1602

  • Spouses or significant others may join in at a cost of $75.00 for the 10 weeks. Payments to be made to the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club.
2023 Schedule

We regret the program had been temporarily suspended, however, we expect it to resume in 2024.