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Make a Commitment

Most people find starting an exercise program difficult...and keeping it going even harder. At Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club, we believe the key to success is professional guidance from a staff that considers each member's needs, and is committed to helping each member achieve their fitness goals.

While every Fitness Club has dumbbells, treadmills, and weights, and we do too, we realize most people entering a fitness club do not have the knowledge or experience necessary to design and implement a successful fitness program.

At Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club our goal is to offer something to fit everybody. Your membership brings with it access to a highly qualified, nationally certified, experienced team offering levels of service, programs, and facilities that are at the very forefront of the industry.

So, is a personal trainer right for you? Check out this video and see for yourself.

Fitness on Demand

Did you know that you can plug in any workout from the iPad in Studio 1 and use the equipment that you need as long a class is not in session? Just pick a workout and have fun. Please wipe down and store all used exercise equipment.

Weight Room Introductions

The weight room introduction can be the foundation upon which your cardio and strength training program is built upon. The FREE hour long appointment is with one of ARFC’s Certified Fitness Trainers, who will measure your body fat percentage, your current height and weight, analyze your posture, discuss your health history, and help you determine your specific fitness goals.

Identifying your personal health and fitness goals is a critical step in developing your activity and exercise schedule. Knowing your current state of fitness will help you measure your progress and create your personal reward strategy.

If you're serious about finally reaching your goals, the Fitness Assessment is the important first step. Appointment book is at the Front Desk, call or stop by to book yours today!

Elite Personal Training

Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club's staff of certified professional trainers has been helping members attain excellent results for years! The training techniques and education of The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) has inspired many of the training techniques and programs used.

ARFCs Key Components:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Cardiovascular Conditioning
  • Resistance Training
  • Stretching

Using these five components, the human body can be redeveloped in terms of weight loss, toning, muscle development, posture, function, endurance, and flexibility. Each personal training client will incorporate these five key components of fitness to redevelop the body and achieve maximum results.

More Space—New Equipment

Gym 2 has opened! We are so excited to offer even more amenities for our valued members. The walls of Gym 2 are lined with Keiser Infinity Functional Trainers. Advantages of these trainers include:

  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Revolutionary "air" resistance allowing for safe, smooth exercises at any speed.
  • No flying weight stacks.
  • Resistance is consistent, unaffected by speed of exercise.
  • Zero shock loading to muscles, connective tissues, and joints.
  • The Functional Trainers incorporate two adjustable arms, which accommodate high and low training positions. The ability to train at any speed and without any impact will revolutionize your workouts.
  • The Keiser Infinity Functional Trainer is the core machine within the Keiser Infinity Series. It can be used for hundreds of different exercises, ranging from rehabilitation to sports-specific applications and is one of the most versatile cable machines available.

New equipment can be intimidating, but we'll help you use it all with ease. It can be a big hurdle to get started at the Club and we want to support you, so sign up at the First Impressions Desk for a Fitness Assessment or simply request a Trainer. Having a Trainer provides the accountability and guidance to help make your goals a reality. Together we can make this your summer of success!

New treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, spin bikes and Adaptive motion trainers are in! If you haven't checked them out, head into the Cardio Room to see the brand new equipment. Make a user profile so you can track your workouts, set goals, and hold yourself accountable! The new machines come equipped with YouTube, Spotify, a Google-based web browser, and you can even log in to your Netflix account to catch up on your shows. Cardio has never been easier and more enjoyable!

Cardio Room

Use of ARFC’s new cardio equipment typically brings fast results when it comes to health and fitness levels. The Cardio Room features over 40 new pieces of cardio equipment including:

  • Precor AMT Trainers
  • Precor Treadmills
  • Nordic Track Incline Trainers
  • Precor Elliptical Trainers
  • Precor Recumbent Bikes Precor
  • Upright Bikes
  • Stairmaster Stepmills
  • Stairmaster Climbers

Every piece of cardio equipment has its own TV.

Weight Rooms

Our Weight Rooms offer state-of-the-art strength training equipment including:

  • Free-Weight area including 6-station functional rack.
  • Freemotion Epic strength training circuit.
  • Freemotion cable strength training circuit.
  • Functional strength training area, featuring TRX.

...and much more!

Around the Club in 60 Days

One of the best things about ARFC is the diversity we have within our Club, from our members to our departments. If you're a new member, make sure to capitalize on the Around the Club in 60 Days program! It will help integrate you into the Club, and fully experience what ARFC has to offer! Once completed, you'll receive a $100.00 Club Gift Card!

Cardio/Weight Room Clearances: If you have children under sixteen who want to use the Cardio/Weight Rooms, they are required to get a Clearance Card from one of ARFC's Certified Trainers. Book an appointment at the First Impressions Desk for your child to get their Card. Children under sixteen are not allowed in the Cardio/Weight Room, even with a parent?\, unless cleared by an ARFC Personal Trainer.