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Gym 2 has opened! We are so excited to offer even more amenities for our valued members, and the left side of the gym is all about combining fun and fitness. Introducing ExerGaming!

Sprint 3.0 Track

We are extremely excited to be one of the only Clubs in California with this ExerGaming technology! One of the most exciting pieces is the Sprint 3.0 track. The Sprint 3.0 flooring incorporates lighting and sensor technology to offer you a workout that is truly unique. Sprint 3.0 is ideal for interval training, reaction training, speed, or sport-specific skills. Members can challenge themselves by trying to beat their own best score, or by competing with friends! See you in Gym 2!

Square 3.0 and Vertical 3.0

Square 3.0 is a floor system that allows users to choose their preferred training and practice multiple and varied exercises at their own level: balance, speed, reactions, stability, precision, coordination, agility, mobility, and postural control. Working with a partner enables fun competitions between members. Vertical 3.0 is the attached wall system that opens a new training dimension for users! It interacts with members in a totally different, innovative and fun way by using symbols and lights on the wall. Challenge yourself with this new fun way to work out!

Fit Interactive Heavy Ball

Grab the ball, find the lighted tube and drop it in. How fast can you go? A Fresh Alternative for Full Body Strength and Cardio Workouts! The object of this fun, interactive game is to put the medicine ball into the hole with the light on and retrieve it from the archway below. Then, quickly move it to the next hole with the light on. It is a great training tool for lateral movement and squatting.

Fit Interactive JumpQ

Explode through workouts with the JumpQ! A great way to enhance speed, agility, vertical jumping ability and quickness is the Jump Q. With its unique design and interactive game play, the Jump Q is a tremendous teaching tool in the recent popularity of plyometrics. With 5 steps of varying height the user has to train their mind and body to jump accordingly. The object is to jump on each pad as it lights up in random order as fast as possible, for a score.

  • Points are scored based on reaction time. Scoring system is the time elapsed between initial lighting and jumping on pad. 1 second = 5 points, 2 seconds = 4 points, 3 seconds = 3 points, 4 seconds = 2 points, 5 seconds = 1 point After 5 seconds elapse, no points are scored and another sensor randomly lights.
  • The goal is to get the highest score in the predetermined amount of time. Let the competitions begin!