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Dan Sedgley

"Two years ago, MRI scans revealed problems with several disks in my lower back. It caused pain in my lower back and sciatica nerve pain down my left leg. I was doing yoga and playing pickle ball at the time and stopped both. However, the pain continued to where I couldn't sit through a movie or do normal chores. The MD gave me prescription strength Aleve, which helped as long as I limited my activities.

Soon after, I joined Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club and discovered Reformer Pilates with Jeri Green. I didn't think I could lay on the hard surface of the Reformer but Jeri taught me how to maintain my core position while lying down. From there I progressed to Group classes. It was difficult at first, but the exercises are done on the machine with minimal stress on the lower back. I could feel a steady increase in my core strength, and it began to be fun going to class.

Now with added core strength, better balance and renewed confidence in my body, I am generally pain free, with no sciatica pain. I can hike, swim, and do a full day's yardwork with minimal discomfort. I now walk with a more natural stride, without having to make allowances for radiating pain. I would say to all, especially early Baby Boomers, if you have lower back pain, there is something you can do to stay mobile and active. Give Reformer Pilates a chance!"

Leslie Power

"I have been a member of the club for many years, but it wasn't until I decided to get personal training that things really started to change in my health and body (mind and spirit always follow!). I consider Bonnie part of my health team, she has been patient and motivating all the way through, I cannot say enough for the support or the friendship we have developed. A few months ago I started doing Pilates with Jeri and, oh my gosh, inches started falling off. I feel Pilates was the perfect addition to my strength training. Jeri took the time to teach me an entirely new discipline and has encouraged me to improve at each visit. Both trainers have been so supportive, I know I could not have made the physical changes I have made without their support!"

Leslie Lohse

"From my first experience with Pilates, a demonstration with Jeri, I felt a connection to the workout and have been taking one-on-one reformer with her ever since. For me, it is a mind-body experience and greatly benefits me. I am stronger, more toned, and have improved my balance. My core continues to strengthen and my muscles are more defined. 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Pilates has proven to be an excellent form of exercise for me as it also provides great stretching. I have seen and felt positive changes in my body and hear from family and friends that they see the changes as well! Pilates has helped me gain strength, flexibility and an increased awareness of my body alignment."

Kay Carlile

"Before joining the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club, I was experiencing a great deal of leg pain after being diagnosed with Spina Bifida and Lumbar Stenosis at age 60. When I took advantage of the Around the Club in 60 Days program, I had an hour session on the Pilates Reformer with Jeri Green. The Reformer core-strengthening exercises allowed me to work hard without pain or pressure on my legs. The stretching exercises have helped me with stronger body movement and stability. Pilates sessions have given me both physical and mental wellness. For the first time in my life, my body is having success in a 'gym' class. I look forward each week to my Pilates sessions. I just wish my P.E. teachers could see me now!"

DJ Elvers

"A year and a half ago, I was suffering from situational depression. I felt I had little desire to even dance, which is my first love. Then, at a charity auction, I came upon a package from ARFC. It was a wonderful prize, filled with many workout options. When we saw that a series of Pilates Sessions with Jeri Green was part of the package, my friend was so excited for me and described what the sessions would be like. Needless to say I took those sessions, and more, and more, and more. Today, I am strong, confident, and so far from depressed you wouldn't know I was the same person. Jeri has become my teacher, my Pilates guru, and my friend. I have a new lease on life thanks to Jeri and the staff at ARFC. I feel so welcome each and every time I walk in the door. I don't know where I'd be without Jeri, but I do know where I am with her. That makes me eternally grateful."