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Get with the Program

Our Group Fitness program exists to offer exciting and educational programs where all members are free to achieve their desired level of fitness in a safe and motivating environment. All Instructors are nationally certified in each format they teach, and some are also part of our highly capable Personal Training team.

With highly trained instructors leading more than 60 classes each week, we're always working to bring you the latest and best workouts in an unequaled setting. Classes are held in either one of our TWO twelve hundred square foot Group Fitness studios which feature a shock absorbing suspended floor and fully mirrored walls in spacious, open rooms. Experience the benefits of a safe, effective, fun studio designed exclusively for Group Fitness programs that incorporate specialty lighting, sound, and the very best fitness equipment. Each space has been carefully designed to help you get the most enjoyment and results out of your classes.

NEW ExerGaming Fitness Class

We're offering a FREE Group Fitness Class with a Certified Trainer! Join our NEW ExerGaming Fitness Class on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM and Thursdays from 11:00 AM to NOON. This is a great full-body workout. No sign ups required; just show up in Gym 2 and be ready for a fun and exciting workout! And remember, the best time to get involved at the Club is now!

Your Personal Support Group

Group Fitness Classes are an effective way stay fit and trim, but it?s the relationships built between you, the instructor and the people who take the class with you that keep you on track. Your success in a group setting is heavily dependent on the friendships you make and it?s these connections that keep you coming back again and again. So, challenge yourself, get to know your instructor and the people in your Group Fitness class. You may just make friends for life!

Check out our Group Fitness video, then take a class and join in on the fun!

Mindful Meditation with Bonnie Lewis

We are so happy to host another Bonnie Lewis, Mindful Meditation class on May, 6th at 11:15 AM. This one hour special MEE class is a complete workout routine balancing Mental, Emotional and Energetic aspects. Join us for this guided relaxation journey and activate your system?s innate ability to reach its natural state of well-being. This easy to follow class combines postures and visualization bringing tranquility and rejuvenation to the mind, body and spirit.