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Guest Privileges

  • A. Members shall have the right to invite guests to the club. A fee is charged for each guest for each visit. The rates are subject to change. Members will be charged a $30.00 fee for guests ages 14 and over, $20 for guests ages 13 and under.

  • B. Members are welcome to bring a guest to the club as long as the guest is accompanied by the member. No guest(s) are allowed to enter the club without the member present.

  • C. All guests are required to complete and sign a guest waiver form and must be accompanied by a club member. The guest waiver is to be completed each time the guest uses the facilities. All guests are to be registered upon arrival at the club. Unregistered guests will be charged the appropriate guest fee plus a $50 penalty fee for each guest that is not properly registered.

  • D. Any guest under the age of 18 must have an adult parent or guardian sign a guest waiver for a minor. A minor liability waiver can be found at the bottom of this page and can be printed and given to the minor to bring with him/her when coming as a guest.

  • E. Members should familiarize their guests with the Club Rules and Regulations and are responsible for the conduct of their guests at the club. The inviting member is required to be at the Club with the guest at all times.

  • F. The number of guests permitted on any occasion can be limited at the discretion of management considering the day, time, area to be used, and supervision.

  • G. Guest privileges may be revoked if any of the above rules and regulations is abused.

Click link for Minor Waiver Liability Agreement.