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Pilates was originally developed by German-born Joseph Pilates during WWII to enable prisoners to maintain their flexibility and strength during captivity. After opening a studio in New York, his training became a staple among professional dancers for developing strength and endurance while achieving long, even muscle tone. His method works as an excellent conditioning program for people with knee or lower back injuries, or for those people who simply want a strengthened and toned body without bulk. Pilates works the abdominals, lower back, thighs and buttocks to achieve a long, lean, and flexible body.

At the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club, we offer one of the most personalized, comfortable, and invigorating environments to train your body for Pilates. Through emphasis on breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment, and concentration on the flowing movements of your body, Pilates helps one focus on breathing and support from the pelvic floor and deep abdominal muscles to create a new awareness of posture and motion.

Offering individualized and group classes, our unique program features a curriculum that includes Pilates Mat and Allegro Reformer classes, in addition to private and semi-private instruction. There is something for everyone within the Pilates Program at the Auburn Racquet & Fitness Club.

How to Begin

Pilates Reformer starts with a complimentary Demo, which includes an overview of the benefits and beginning instruction on the Reformer. Next you'll complete five private sessions that will teach you all the proper techniques to get the most out of your Pilates Reformer Training, including Neutral Spine and Pilates Breath. We use a blood pressure cuff under your spine to provide instant bio-feedback to make sure you are achieving Neutral Spine, the position where optimal benefits are received. These five sessions will allow you to participate in Pilates Reformer Group Classes, as well as additional Private sessions to continue your progress.

After the five private sessions, the following options are available:

  • Private: one-on-one training.
  • Semi private: Two people in a class.
  • Group class: maximum of six people.

Group Pilates

ARFC's Reformer Studio includes six Reformers with Towers and five Exo Chairs. We have also recently added a new Ballet Barre and are offering Barre classes as part of our Pilates programming, and incorporating Barre exercises into our Group Classes. We have designed the Group Classes to accommodate different levels of ability and experience. Each participant can perform the same movements using different amounts of resistence from the Reformer or Chair. We keep the Groups small so that our Instructors can provide specific feedback and guidance to each participant. Classes are 55 minutes in length.

In addition to great core-strengthening, we focus on stretching, balance work, controlled movement, and a full body, functional workout unlike any other form of exercise. Sign-ups are for monthly access to Classes, and discounts are available for 6 or 12 month agreements through monthly EFT.

Check Out Our New Studio

Now in our beautiful new Pilates studio: PILATES MOTR, PILATES CIRCUIT, PILATES BARRE/MOTR/JUMP-BOARD. The classes are challenging and fun and will strengthen, lengthen and chisel your body to deliver fast, real results!

PILATES MOTR: MOTR combines the comfort of a foam roller with the challenge of three weight level resistances, giving you a challenging and diverse workout tool. MOTR includes: cardio, balance, functional training, mind-body, agility, strength training and more!

PILATES CIRCUIT: Circuit includes jump board, Reformer, EXO Chair, Tower, Mat, Barre, and MOTR. Develop and enhance stamina, posture, alignment and core strength! You get the benefits of muscle building and toning along with an intense cardio workout!

PILATES BARRE: Barre sessions are a combination of Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet on a Ballet Barre. The result is the recognizable Barre body featuring sculpted arms, flat abs, lifted seat and elongated thighs.

BARRE/JUMP BOARD: This is a Pilates Barre class with an extra cardio boost! This is an invigorating cardio blast in your Barre class!

BARRE/MOTR: This class is a combination of exercises performed at the Barre and on the MOTR. This class is focused on muscle toning, balance, coordination, and core strength.Purchase a Pilates Trio package and drop-in to any of these new classes! Free Pilates Reformer demos offered: Tuesday 11:30 AM.