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Jeri Green, Pilates Director

Jeri Green has been employed at AR-FC since 2009. She currently teaches Reformer Pilates classes and Mat Pilates. Pilates is a gentle, mind-body workout that focuses on core development. It is used to gain long lean muscles, improve flexibility and posture, balance, and overall sports performance. The results; a body that will move gracefully and efficiently throughout life.

"My biggest reward is the difference I make in people's lives as an instructor and as a friend. Witnessing a clients ability to make lifestyle changes is a true celebration!"

Jeri has a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University. She is certified through Balanced Body University with a 300 hour Pilates Reformer certification. Jeri is also certified on Mat, Tower of Power, EXO Chair, Barre, and MOTR. .

Jeri is a wonderful instructor with great experience. Try one of classes. Together you can make a difference.


Mercedes Briggs — Pilates Reformer Instructor

Mercedes first discovered the benefits of fitness at the age of eleven and she has been at it ever since. Learning how to define and strengthen muscles while her body grew and changed has always been a fascination for hers. Little wonder she was awarded the most athletic girl in her high school class!

Mercedes is currently working in three other departments here at the Club: as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, YogaFit Certified Instructor, and with the kids in Babysitting. But her true passion is dance. She's been practicing ballet five days a week, four hours a day, at In Sync Dance Studio for the past three years. In December she played the Arabian Peacock in the Nutcracker!

"I like the longer, leaner, more defined, but extremely feminine look that this workout has given me. Dance instructors strongly encouraged her to stop running for the sake of flexibility. She was fearful of not being able to maintain her current fitness level without running, and that's when she discovered the full benefits of the dancer's Barre workout. She is eager to share those benefits with anyone and everyone

Michael DiLeo — Pilates Reformer Instructor

Certified Under Balanced Body University

Michael has always loved fitness and has been active since day one. Unfortunately, he has experienced a lot of pain when working out due to health issues, that is of course until he discovered Pilates! After the very first session he knew this was something he would be doing for the rest of his life.

Mike is a very spiritual individual, he meditates daily and smiles at every person he sees. ?I believe something as simple as a smile can have a dramatic change in a person?s day. I want to make an impact in people?s lives and bring as much positive energy to the world as I can.? Helping bring about the transformation of someone?s body is a very beautiful thing, especially when that person goes from being in extreme pain to living life to the fullest again!

Pilates has given Mike new life; his posture and balance have improved and he has less pain and more body awareness and core strength. ?After a few sessions I was naturally engaging my core to protect my back during day-to-day activities.? As we connect our breath and awareness to our body, it enhances the spiritual connection. ?I always sense a feeling of euphoria after a Pilates session, I would love to share this wonderful gift with as many people as I can.?

Jessica Miller — Pilates Reformer Instructor

Certified Under Balanced Body University

Jessica started her adventure in pilates in 2014. She began by taking a variety of classes for personal benefit and enjoyment. After years of practicing pilates on a regular basis, her experience inspired her to become a pilates instructor. She has completed a variety of pilates instructor training courses through Balanced Body. She will be offering a variety of class though our pilates studio.