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Get with the Program

Our Group Fitness program exists to offer exciting and educational programs where all members are free to achieve their desired level of fitness in a safe and motivating environment. All Instructors are nationally certified in each format they teach, and some are also part of our highly capable Personal Training team.

With highly trained instructors leading more than 60 classes each week, we're always working to bring you the latest and best workouts in an unequaled setting. Classes are held in either one of our TWO twelve hundred square foot Group Fitness studios which feature a shock absorbing suspended floor and fully mirrored walls in spacious, open rooms. Experience the benefits of a safe, effective, fun studio designed exclusively for Group Fitness programs that incorporate specialty lighting, sound, and the very best fitness equipment. Each space has been carefully designed to help you get the most enjoyment and results out of your classes.

Halloween RIPPED

Put on a comfortable costume and bring a friend to start your day with a spooky RIPPED class that you won't forget. Yes, that's right, it'll be tough, but it'll be packed with the energy of your RIPPED instructor and all your friends. It's happening on Tuesday, October 31st, from 9:00 to 10:10 AM. Come ready to work hard and have fun! We've got to burn some extra calories, so we can earn all those Halloween goodies. It'll be a sweaty Halloween party that you won't want to miss. No costume is required.

Halloween ZUMBA

Put on a bright, fun costume and come dance with us. We're going to make our regular Monday ZUMBA class extra spicy and fun. Don't loose the opportunity to learn Latin, Hip Hop, Bali, and Arabic rhythms. Join us and feel the rhythm in your body explode to life! It's Monday, October 30th, from 9:00 to 9:55AM. Please invite your friends. Again, no costume required.

Aqua ZUMBA for the Love of Water and Dance

Aqua ZUMBA adds all of the benefits of aquatic exercise to the traditional ZUMBA workout. The natural resistance of water adds a new level of challenge to all of your dance moves. The supportive, low-impact environment protects your joints and allows you to safely and fearlessly attempt new moves. Like traditional ZUMBA, anyone can join in! No dance background necessary. Join Naty on Tuesdays at 9:00 AM and Aleida on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM.