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Construction Completion — June 10

It's been a long time coming, but we think you will agree, it was worth the wait. Our tennis court conversion is finally complete! On Sunday, June 10th, from 1:00 to 5:00 PM, the Club will host an Open House for all members and their guests to tour the newly completed facilities. Refreshments will be served and demonstrations of all the new technology will be provided by ARFC Staff. Bring as many friends along as you like, there will be no charge for guests this day! We only ask that you pre-register them by Thursday, June 7th, so we can be prepared with refreshments.

Construction Update — May 1

Our beautiful new building is nearing completion. The projected opening is Memorial Day. Again, we sincerely apologize for the delay and any inconvenience to our members, but the new addition will be worth the wait.

Construction Update — April 1

Apologies to all ARFC members for the length of time this project has taken. Due to the destructive fires in the Napa/Santa Rosa area, all of the contractors in Northern California have been called upon to help in the rebuilding of that area, and we have had much difficulty holding them to their commitments on our project.

As most of you have probably noticed, our own maintenance staff has been heavily involved in the final touches process. Thank you for your patience in this very frustrating matter.

Construction Update — March 1

We're putting on the finishing touches. Thanks to all ARFC members for your patience as we try to complete this long overdue project. Complications, contractors, and government agencies can all share cause for delays in this project. We look forward to completion in February!

Construction Update — December 1

Finishing touches are being made this month with a projected opening in January. Check information boards for updates as we get close to completion!

Construction Update — November 1

The finishing touches are in progress with a projected January opening date. Sheet rock, stucco, ceiling tiles, doors, and floors will be on the agenda for November; plumbing in December! Thanks for your patience and understanding throughout the construction project

Construction Update — October 1

We are under roof and the finishing trades begin taking over. Watch for solar panel installation, stucco work as well as sheet rock, ceiling, final HVAC work, and plumbing all begin to shape up the final product! Thanks for your understanding and cooperation throughout the construction process.

Construction Update — September 1

Construction Update — August 1

Framing is complete! As we move inside the new building, watch for the installation of HVAC units, electrical fixtures, fire sprinklers, roofing, windows, and more as we complete the guts of the new construction. Once again, thank you for your patience during the construction process.

Construction Update — July 1

The new Fitness Room framing is on schedule and is expected to be completed by July 31st. Please observe all signage regarding construction obstacles and watch for more updates

Construction Update — June 1

Men at Work

As you can see, construction is literally moving along very nicely now that we've brought in the big artillery; framing should be complete by the end of the month.

Interior trades such as plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning, as well as sprinkler system installations should be next on the schedule.

We'll continue to keep you informed of our progress.

Parking Lot Closures

With construction moving forward we will experience some periodic parking lot closures. These are done for the safety of ARFC's members.

When the parking lot is closed, it means that heavy equipment and or heavy materials are being moved around. This will be a periodic event throughout construction and we ask for you patience and cooperation during this project.

Construction Update — May 1

During the month of May construction activities will include continued framing of the new building in place of the rooftop tennis court. In the offices of the main hallway — Tennis Office, Healing Center, General Manager's Office, Accounting Office and Sales Office — walls will be open to secure/increase footing sizes to support additional weight of a second floor. Restrooms upstairs near babysitting will be converted to two ADA bathrooms.

Construction Update — April 1

We've finally obtained our building permit and began building in April. Our addition will include the conversion of the rooftop tennis court to a Small Group Training Room (leaving the downstairs gym to members for their own workouts); a larger Pilates/Barre Studio; and a 2500 square foot Group Exercise Studio.

This is phase 1 of the addition. Phase 2 will include the expansion of children's spaces for ARFC's Junior Members.