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Construction Update — May 1

During the month of May construction activities will include continued framing of the new building in place of the rooftop tennis court. In the offices of the main hallway — Tennis Office, Healing Center, General Manager's Office, Accounting Office and Sales Office — walls will be open to secure/increase footing sizes to support additional weight of a second floor. Restrooms upstairs near babysitting will be converted to two ADA bathrooms.


Construction Update — April 1

We've finally obtained our building permit and began building in April. Our addition will include the conversion of the rooftop tennis court to a Small Group Training Room (leaving the downstairs gym to members for their own workouts); a larger Pilates/Barre Studio; and a 2500 square foot Group Exercise Studio.

This is phase 1 of the addition. Phase 2 will include the expansion of children's spaces for ARFC's Junior Members.

Parking Lot Closures

With construction moving forward we will experience some periodic parking lot closures. These are done for the safety of ARFC's members. When the parking lot is closed, it means that heavy equipment and or heavy materials are being moved around. This will be a periodic event throughout construction and we ask for you patience and cooperation during this project.

See Attached Flyer.