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Halloween ZUMBA!

Put on a fun, bright costume and come dance with us! We’re going to make our regular Wednesday ZUMBA class extra spicy and fun with Halloween ZUMBA! Don’t loose the opportunity to learn Latin, hip hop, Bali, and Arabic rhythms. Join us and feel the rhythm in your body explode to life! It’s happening on Wednesday, October 31st from 8:30 to 9:25 AM.

Please invite your friends. No costume is required. We look forward to seeing you there! Let’s fill the air with music, laughter, and joy!

Halloween RIPPED!

Put on a comfortable costume and bring a friend to start your day with a spooky Halloween RIPPED class you won’t forget! Yes, that’s right, it’ll be tough, but it’ll be packed with the energy of your RIPPED instructor and all your friends!!

It’s coming Tuesday, October 30th, from 9:00 to 10:10 AM. Come ready to work hard, and have some fun! We gotta burn some extra calories so we can earn all the Halloween goodies. It’ll be a sweaty Halloween party that you won’t want to miss! No costume required.