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For those of you who are not familar with this fast paced, fun game, wallyball is similar to the game of volleyball but it's played in a racquetball court, where it is legal to hit the ball off of the walls. Wallyball can be played with two to as many as six players on a side, according to the official rules of the American Wallyball Association.

Wallyball uses a modified form of rally scoring called speed scoring. A point is scored on every service up to the point where one team reaches the "freeze point." Once that occurs, a point is awarded on the next side-out and from that point on, each team must serve to score a point. The "freeze point" varies depending on the number of points needed to win a game but it is usually three points fewer than the number of points needed to win a game. The side-out and unmodified rally scoring methods of volleyball are also commonly used.

During the serve the ball can hit one side wall on either side of the net. It cannot hit the back wall or two walls, not can it hit the ceiling when it crosses the net. The same is true during the volley. The ball can hit any number of walls, including the back wall and ceiling during the course of your three hits on your side. Once the ball is crossing the net though, it must comply with the one wall, no ceiling requirement, or it is considered out of bounds. If you have hit a wall on your side, the ball cannot hit another after going over the net. However, there are many groups of players who choose to include a two wall and back wall hit as legal hits even after going over the net. While not part of the official rules, many feel it brings a chaotic and fun addition to the game.

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